Abyss Abyss shows the grace of white porcelain through a balanced composition of extremely geometric shapes. It has the decorative value of a sculpture while being functional in every detail. We see it as a working light that is not over technical but introduces a material of rather domestic character that is of the highest quality. Its vertical shape challenges not only the eye but also the manufacturing of porcelain. The exploration of off centered revolved volumes which are produced in one piece is only possible in the technique of traditional porcelain casting. Using this production process allowed us also to add technical details such as the light switch and cable output. The button is also made in porcelain and is integrated into the object.

Alpine Alpine obtains its character having its plywood shell blending into its solid wood legs as a strong visual impact. Its wide proportions sit perfectly on the solid wood legs shaped until the last detail to give it functionality in its structure and a visual statement. Alpine comes in two versions: One with solid wood legs and another with stackable steel legs.