light / weight Inspired by the relation between the Moon and Earth, the luminaire consists of two lights, which are linked to each other by a band. If one of the bodies is being pulled down, the other one moves up. Due to a sensor, the light brightens the higher the larger luminaire rises. If it reaches the lowest position, the lamp switches off.

time / path The object consists of two rings that rotate electronically. The rings have different scales attached, one shows the hours of the day, the other one the days of the month. In the center of the rings there is a ball that stays in the same place, due to gravity. The continuous motion of the rings make the balls assign the particular hour and day. The constant rotating movement of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth’s rotation, reflect in the circling of two rings.

time / unit The installation made of six, horizontal belts deals with a different aspect of time. Due to six different gear motors, the belts continue running and need one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year each. Although the belts run at different pace, all of them show the same time passing by. The installation visualizes at the same time the single moment and the passing of time.