Coiling the unwanted Invasive species of plants, unwanted and waste materials are a challenging problem that increases and affects every continent. Coiling is a basketry technique that is used globally, and can be done with almost any material and without tools. By combining these unwanted materials with a universal basketry technique this problem can be addressed and also generate an income for the communities affected by this. The materials for these tables are chosen not only because the problem they are generating but also to show the possibilities of this technique. The materials come from Colombia, Kenya and Sweden. These tables are made with very simple tools, easily packed and assembled just by using rope and a tourniquet to tighten the structure.

Basketlamp Inspired by baskets, and experimenting with traditional techniques, these lamps are innovative both in their making and the way they are used. Weaving is a technique that repeats itself and also creates a visual repetitive pattern. This lamp can be used as a table, floor or ceiling lamp, and can easily be carried to another space or hung from the ceiling. The lamps can be packed flat and easily assembled due to the turned top, which secures the woven structure. Available in two sizes: 60 and 80 cm. Materials: ash and pine veneer, solid pine, ash and oak. Electric cord. Winner of the contest: Premio lapiz de Acero 2013